Hey Everyone,

Well, it looks like there will be a few changes happening at 100megsfree, so I figured I'd just put up a note here to let everyone know. We are moving over to a new network this week (September 2011), and it looks like the scripts that we have used for free hosting aren't compatible with any new server software, as the company has gone out of business well over a decade ago. Therefore, it looks like the best we are able to do is copy over the existing files for people so that your sites don't go down. It won't be possible for you to update the files though, as none of the file manager scripts will be able to run on the newer equipment. Sadly the best that I can do at this point is suggest paid hosting through our main division at http://www.100megswebhosting.com. I do appologize for this incovenience, as I know that some of you guys have been using us for 12 years or so. We haven't been doing free hosting in quite a while, but we have been trying to keep these sites up just as a service to the people that have been using it.

As a side note, a few years ago we had tried to start into it again with the 100megsfree8.com server. Sadly that turned into nothing but abuse and spam and scam sites, so sadly we aren't able to copy those over. That server will just be shut down in the transition, so I appologize if there happened to be any legitimate sites stuck in with the countless scammer sites that had signed up on that service. The rest of the sites will continue to be hosted, but as mentioned, as the free hosting software isn't compatible, it won't be possible to make continued changes to your sites.


Reuben Regier

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